Nipple Cover

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  • 19 $

    * 1 roll of Straight Tape (5cm x 5m)
    * 1 pair of reusable waterproof silicone nipple cover

    Achieve an instant breast lift that is extremely
    comfortable and easy to use – making it a breeze to wear all those backless, strapless & low-cut outfits (even swimwear).
    Designed with a slight stretch to move with your body, and give you just the right amount of support.
    * Latex-free, easy to remove.
    * Waterproof & Sweat-proof
    * Breathable
    * Suitable for A-G+ cup size

    * 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex

    Application & Removal:
    Inside every purchase, you will find our application guide, packed with tips and tricks to get the most from your body tape.
    We highly recommend using our Nipple Cover prior to applying our tape.
    Do not apply an oil/moisturizer prior to using our Thadii tape.

    To remove the tape rub the edges of the tape and gently pull the edge while holding down your skin. If the tape is too sticky apply oil or warm water to the tape this will provide an easier removal.

    Do not apply over broken, damaged, sensitive or sunburned skin. Patch test on inner arm for sensitivity or allergies. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.